Boom Baby! Overton drains 94-foot putt at halftime of Indiana-Duke basketball game

November 30, 2017

Jeff Overton’s still got it.

The one-time star of the 2010 U.S. Ryder Cup team – and creator of the Boom Baby! celebration/catchphrase – has had a rough year, as he’s been sidelined while recovering from a dangerous spinal infection that resulted from surgery for a herniated disc. He hasn’t played an event since the Honda Classic last March.

But the recovery seems to be progressing. Overton is an Indiana alumnus, and last night, during halftime of the Indiana-Duke basketball game at Assembly Hall, he was invited to take a putt across the court to send a family of four to Myrtle Beach. The hole wasn’t exactly “regulation,” but Overton summoned all of his old Ryder Cup theatrics and drained it nonetheless.

I have no idea why he dropped a did a few push-ups at half court when it was over, but you can clearly see flashes of his old Ryder Cup-style fire. In a way, he was like a beta-test version of Patrick Reed. “Boom Baby” was once so big, someone even made a remix of it. Enjoy.