Bentley Is Making Really Expensive Golf Clubs for 2016

February 3, 2016

Bentley is getting into the golf club game. 

The high-end car retailer unveiled its golf equipment line last week at the PGA Merchandise Show. According to a Forbes report, a standard set of forged irons will cost around $3,500. A driver and putter are $750 and $500, respectively. And it only goes up from there.

When a customer decides they want to purchase a Bentley set and wants the full Bentley experience, they are flown to England for a tour of Bentley HQ, then flown to Japan for a full swing analysis and custom fitting. The 3D swing data is used by Seven Dreamers to create individual shafts from scratch for that player.

“Unlike a typical club-fitting, where the golfer’s swing is matched to an existing shaft on the market, Seven Dreamers make custom shafts for you based on the data captured,” Peter Lord, co-director of Professional Golf Europe who licenses the clubs, said. “You can easily exceed 100 grand for a set of irons.”

For those really wanting to go full-Bentley — because why not? — customers can have their clubheads and shafts painted to match the color of their Bentley and have grips match their car’s interior.