Before they were stars: Jack, Tiger and other golfers from SI’s Faces in the Crowd

April 17, 2017

In the Jan. 9, 1956, issue of Sports Illustrated, the Scoreboard section of the magazine (now Scorecard) published 183 words on five different athletes and called it “These Faces in the Crowd.”

Among those highlighted were a 23-year-old jockey, a fiery hockey player and a speedy Texan. But that was just the start. Since then, thousands of athletes — and future stars — have been honored in what was renamed “Faces in the Crowd,” which still runs in the magazine today.

The list goes on and on. Billie Jean King. Terry Bradshaw. Emmitt Smith. Bill Walton. Plenty of golfers have made the cut too: more than 800, in fact. So, what did SI have to say about a “husky” 17-year-old Jack Nicklaus, an 11-year-old Michelle Wie, a 14-year-old Tiger Woods and more? We dug deep — as far back as 1957 — and unearthed some current and former pros who were destined for big things way back when.

Click through the gallery below to see who we found.