Been Out in the Sun Too Long? Try a Golf Course Face Lift

March 9, 2016

For those unhappy with how their skin has aged due to too much sun exposure from playing too much golf, well, there’s facelift for that.

South Africa’s Dr. Richard Halley Stott has created the “golf course facelift” and detailed the procedure at a plastic surgery conference in New Zealand, according to

“I hope the golfers won’t take offense,” Halley-Stott said. “That’s the kind of weather-beaten, skin that has had a lot of sun exposure, it’s rather inelastic. It needs rather more attention than a typical face lift.”

The surgery is in two parts. First comes a “very extensive” face lift, often combined with fat injections using the patient’s own fat. It’s about reorganizing the fat in the face to give that youthful, upside-down triangle shape.

After that comes a laser treatment across the whole face, with a fractionated carbon dioxide laser. You possibly haven’t heard of one of them before, but what it means is that only half the skin’s surface is lasered. It’s gentle enough to use right up to stitch lines, and across the eyelids and neck, Halley-Stott said.

After the procedure, patients will see their skin “very soft and supple and evenly toned” and years of sun damage have been removed from view. Now if only there was a procedure to remove years of pain caused by three-putts.