Augusta National Buys Nearby Music Store for $5.35 Million

November 14, 2016
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Apparently, there’s a lot of money in music. Especially if you own property across the street from Augusta National.

According to The Augusta Chronicle, an Augusta National Golf Club-affiliated real estate company has purchased Jay’s Music Center for $5.35 million. The store sits across the street and north of Augusta National (photo below), at the intersection of Washington Road and Old Berckmans Road. According to records, owner Doug Frohman and his family sold their 0.73 acre property to Berckman Residential Properties LLC on Oct. 13.

According to Richmond County real estate records, the purchased land and its 5,600 square-foot store was recently valued at $637,900 — about eight times less than what was paid. Frohman told The Chronicle that he wouldn’t discuss terms of the sale but has to be out of the building by the beginning of December. He plans to relocate the business within the city.

Augusta National did not immediately return a request for comment. Besides this newly acquired building, Augusta will also unveil a new media center this April.