How to apply for 2021 Masters tickets when the process begins

The gates at Augusta National Golf Club.

The 2021 Masters starts April 8. 

The process to get to the 2021 Masters starts June 1. 

Applications for tickets to 2021’s first major will begin being accepted June 1, with the process running through June 21. All applicants will find out via an email in September whether they’ll be able to purchase tickets.

Here’s how the process works. First, go to the Masters tickets site here, and either sign in with your existing account or create an account. (Additional details for buyers can be found here.) From there, select which days you want to apply for. (You can apply for all days, but you are eligible to win only one.) This year’s limit for $75 tickets for practice rounds on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was four, and the limit for $115 tickets for competitive rounds on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday was two. Potential patrons are limited to one application per person/address, and you must be 21 or older to apply.

Of course, there’s still a 2020 Masters to be played. 

This year’s event was postponed to November due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are a couple of options to get in. 

Secondary markets are offering tickets in the four-figure range. However, Augusta National does not condone Masters tickets being sold this way, and tournament organizers have a security system to prevent non-lottery winners from using secondary market tickets. In addition, badge holders caught selling their tickets have been punished in the past.

There’s also a carefully worded statement on the Masters website that could provide hope. Under a question and answer page, a question is written: “Will any additional practice rounds and/or daily tournament tickets be available for the rescheduled dates?” The answer: “At this time, we do not anticipate any additional tickets will be available. Should this change, tickets would be allocated through our normal application process.”

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