How Anna Davis preps to defend her Augusta National Women’s Amateur title

anna davis stands in bunker

Anna Davis is prepping to head back to Augusta National for the first time since her epic win last spring.

Bradley Meinz

One year ago, Anna Davis’ life changed.

Heading to Augusta, Ga., last spring, she was just another junior golfer. Then, one special round changed everything. On the strength of a final-round 69, the kid from San Diego took the title at the most famous course in golf — Augusta National. In an instant, everyone knew the girl with the bucket hat.

Winning the Augusta National Women’s Amateur is quite the feat. But doing is back-to-back? Davis hopes to be the first.

Ahead of her title defense at Augusta National, GOLF spent time with Davis out in California. Here’s how she’s prepping to defend her crown (and bucket hat). (For more on Davis, read the April 2023 edition of GOLF Magazine.)

There’s nothing like getting an invitation in the mail from Augusta National. Bradley Meinz
Even though she’s an elite golfer, Davis is still a kid at heart … Bradley Meinz
… and a teenager. Bradley Meinz
Davis has worked with Bill Barrett for several years … Bradley Meinz
… and the two have plenty of rapport. Bradley Meinz
It’s hard not to love Davis’ swing. Bradley Meinz
She generates plenty of width in her backswing … Bradley Meinz
… and has a huge shoulder turn at the top. Bradley Meinz
It helps her generate tons of speed on the way down … Bradley Meinz
… and a balanced finished. Bradley Meinz
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