Why this Amen Corner secret is a favorite among Masters contestants

amen corner

If you know who to ask, a trip through Amen Corner can be pretty sweet.

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Every year, it seems, we learn some cool new insidery factoid about Augusta National and/or the Masters. Just yesterday, in fact, a video surfaced of an underground ball-feeding contraption at the practice area. Only at Augusta!

Now, thanks to Luke Donald, with a nod to Tiger Woods, we’ve learned of yet another delicious nugget. Yes, pun very much intended.

Moments after Woods’ Masters Sunday went up in flames on the 12th hole, Donald — who has played in 11 Masters — took to Twitter to delight his followers with this bit of tournament lore:

“Little known fact but the camera man in the tower behind 12 will throw you a mini chocolate bar if you give him a nod on your way to the 13th tee – Tiger may want a little sweetness to take away the sour taste in his mouth right now!!!”

Man, just when you through a trip through Amen Corner couldn’t get any sweeter.

Alas, no chocolate for Donald at this 84th Masters. The Englishman didn’t earn an invite.

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