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Aaron Rodgers: Golf With Barack Obama Made Me ‘Super Nervous’

May 31, 2016

As a Super Bowl champion quarterback, Aaron Rodgers has endured more than a few high-pressure situations on the gridiron, but he only really feels the heat on the golf course.

The Green Bay Packers veteran told A.J. Hawk on The Hawkcast that he was “super nervous” when he teed it up with President Barack Obama in February alongside retired astronaut Mark Kelly and ESPN television personality Tony Kornheiser.

The two-time NFL MVP said that he may have everything under control on the field, but sometimes, golf gets to him.

“That gets me 10 times more nervous than the first snap in a game or a snap in the fourth quarter when you’ve got to make a play,” Rodgers said. “I’m worried about hitting people, I’m worried about whiffing, I’m worried about looking terrible out there. I want to play well out there and obviously you walk on the first tee with the leader of the free world — who’s competitive — [and] I didn’t want to go out there and embarrass myself. Luckily I put together a decent round and made some putts. But I was very nervous at the first tee.”

Aren’t we all, Aaron?

Rodgers doesn’t have much to worry about, though: According the the Wisconsin State Golf Association, Rodgers maintains a 4.7 handicap.