A suit that helps us swing like Dustin Johnson? The future is bright

March 7, 2017

The future of golf and technology is bright. So bright that a co-founder of Yahoo! believes we could all one day swing like Dustin Johnson. Yes, even you.

That’s according to Jerry Yang, who was a keynote speaker at the North American Golf Innovation Symposium Monday in Vancouver. The 48-year-old, who claims many “golf gadget” investments, detailed his perceptions of how golf and technology will continue to merge in an innovative way.

One of those innovations would be “haptic suits,” which not only help disabled people gain mobility on the course but also transform amateurs into a “super person,” as Yang called it.

“You could literally swing like Dustin Johnson if you wanted to,” Yang said.

Yang discussed a future where a “smart ball” tracks all types of applicable golf metrics.

“That data is really the ultimate,” he says. “All this other club [technology] doesn’t matter if you know what the ball did.”

Hear all Yang’s thoughts in the USGA video posted below.