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The 12 best reactions to people losing the Masters ticket lottery

July 8, 2019

Monday was both memorable and forgetful for many golf fans, as they either secured or failed to secure 2020 Masters tickets from the annual ticket lottery.

As is now the custom, emails from Augusta National confirming or denying started to make their way to social media. Tweets are sent, GIFs are flying, hashtags are painfully scripted. For those who love to watch the world burn, this post is for you.

Sure, seeing elation on the internet can, at times, seem like a novelty. But desperation, in only the most First World Problem sense — not being selected to visit the holy grounds of Augusta National — is just as refreshing. If anything, it’s good to know you’re not alone.

For example, there’s this reddit post clarifying that the real Tradition Unlike Any Other is when this user isn’t chosen in the lottery.

A tradition unlike any other from r/golf

That was hardly the only one. The best responses came from Twitter users willing to poke a little fun at their unending chase for precious tickets.