19 signs you hit your golf peak in the 90s

December 15, 2017

Ah, the 90s…Bill Clinton in the Oval Office, Pearl Jam rocking Seattle, and Ian Woosnam tearing up Augusta National. Good times, right? Here are 19 sure-fire signs that you hit your golf stride when titanium drivers did.

1. The release of the first Big Bertha was your generation’s Sputnik launch: the day the space race officially began.

2. Your local course got “Tiger-proofed.”[image:14016193]

3. You had to swap your metal spikes for soft ones.  

4. You watched at least seven majors that Greg Norman should have won.

5. You mothballed your persimmon driver. For good.  

6. Every now and then, you still try dressing like Payne Stewart, but you still can’t make it work.

7. You learned how to navigate through neighborhoods of cheesy new homes to find the next tee.  

8. You watched Annika Sorenstam nab her first professional win but you had no idea there were 92 more to come.  

9. When you visited your barber, you said, “Gimme the Daly.”[image:14016189]

10. In your mind, Nick Faldo will forever be a stone-cold killer who is surly with the press, not an affable commentator who uses words like “trundle” and insists on being addressed as “Sir.”

11. You were an early adopter of the TaylorMade Bubble Shaft.  

12. By watching Steve Elkington, you learned about the swing. And that there was such a thing as being “allergic to grass.”

13. You remember when Tiger had a string bean build and a full head of hair.[image:14016191]

14. You know what it’s like to set your VCR to record the final round of the British Open only to find out that you accidentally recorded Meet the Press.   

15. You’re familiar with the term “putting a smile in a balata.”

16. You remember Steve Jones and Mark Brooks winning majors in the same year, though you’ve tried desperately to forget it.

17. Two words: Nick Price. Five more words: Nick Price’s amazing Zebra putter.

18. You remember when a single golf shirt had enough fabric to make three shirts.

19. Inspired by Jesper Parnevik, you embraced an eat-to-win diet of volcanic ash.