Whisky Wednesday: Here’s how to order a personalized whisky label online

The year 2020 has been a strange one for so many golfers. But it’s coming to a close now, which presents an opportunity for you to buy yourself, or one of your friends, something nice. If you’re like me, aka, a whisky-loving golfer, a personalized bottle of whisky is a thoughtful-yet-inexpensive gift that can act as a keepsake that golfers can keep around long after the whisky itself is gone. I can vouch for that personally: I was given a nice bottle of scotch last year with my name engraved on it. I polished off the bottle with some friends last month, but I still proudly have my personalized bottle.

There are a few different distilleries who offer personalized bottles of whisky, but this week we’re focusing on Dewar’s “Make It Personal” campaign, which you can check out right here. The way it works is remarkably simple. You can take your pick between two whiskies: Dewar’s 12 year and Dewar’s 15 year. Both are blended scotches you can learn more about here.

Scroll down on the page, and you then have 28 characters to share any message you like on the label itself. You can put your initials on it, as I tried here.

Or you can opt for a more generic message of good cheer, like you see below.

Or, if you want to give a gift while also sharing some simple swing advice to one of your friends, like I am with Tim — whose golf grip is too strong and causing him to hit hooks — you can do that, too!

Once you decide, complete your order and you’ll get your personalized label in the mail. All that’s left is to stick it on your bottle of Dewar’s whisky to give it a more thoughtful and personal touch that goes a long way.

You can check out the Make It Personal page and design your own Dewar’s label right here.

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