GOLF Fall 2020 Style Guide: 4 trendy glove brands you should know about

Christian Hafer

Welcome to GOLF’s 2020 Style Guide. Our Ashley Mayo and Christian Hafer put together their go-to looks based off their favorite items coming to market right now. So as we head toward crisp fall mornings and chilly winter rounds, these pieces will help you look cool, play confidently and feel like yourself. Check out more of our picks in GOLF’s 2020 Style Guide here, and visit GOLF’s Pro Shop here.

In my humble opinion, a good glove is the *most* necessary accessory, especially on a hot day. Since you know it will come in handy, you might as well venture away from the run-of-the-mill options and get something fun (that will also help your game).

North Coast Golf Co.

North Coast Golf Co. is an up-and-coming brand that makes nautical, north-coast (Michigan) inspired gloves from high quality 100% pure cabretta leather, and they all have an internal terry cloth sweat wristband. We especially love the Navy Nassau, the Carolina Blues and The Nautical, but all of their gloves are top-quality. 

North Coast Golf Co. Gloves

Stylish gloves made with 100% pure cabretta leather with an internal terry cloth sweat wristband.


G/Fore’s colorful gloves are a great way to add a little pizzazz to any golf look. They make gloves in pretty much every color you can imagine. A neutral navy is safe but still unique, or a pop color can take your look to the next level. No matter what you decide, every G/Fore collection glove is definitely eye-catching.

G/Fore Collection Gloves

Precision crafted from AA cabretta leather for top-notch quality and fit.

Asher Golf

Asher gloves are tried and true whether you’re a beginner or a single-digit handicap. They have an entire line of affordable gloves ($12) that come in every imaginable color, but they also make top-of-the-line AAA cabretta leather gloves with fun color schemes, patterns and even your favorite sports team’s logo. If the colored gloves are a little too crazy for your taste, consider a white style that has a subtle pop of color on the logo instead. Asher’s options feel endless, making them a great glove resource for everyone. 

Asher Gloves

Asher makes a few different ranges of gloves, so no matter your style or ability, you’ll find something that strikes your fancy.


Let’s face it, Footjoy is the OG glove resource, and they make an awesome glove. Their Pure Touch Limited is maybe the most classic glove in golf, and they, too, have tons of other collections for any and every price point. Footjoy is also where you should shop for all-weather gloves, which you’ll likely need this fall season (and if playing in the rain).

Footjoy Pure Touch Limited Glove

Made with exclusive cabretta leather that’s limited to only certain shops, this lives up to the Footjoy slogan, the No. 1 glove in golf.
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