GOLF Fall 2020 Style Guide: These brands make the coolest bags and headcovers

Christian Hafer

Welcome to GOLF’s 2020 Style Guide. Our Ashley Mayo and Christian Hafer put together their go-to looks based off their favorite items coming to market right now. So as we head toward crisp fall mornings and chilly winter rounds, these pieces will help you look cool, play confidently and feel like yourself. Check out more of our picks in GOLF’s 2020 Style Guide here, and visit GOLF’s Pro Shop here.

Your golf bag and headcovers say a lot about you as a golfer. Unlike your outfits, shoes and other accessories, they likely don’t change much throughout the golf season. They should be classic, but not boring, functional and stylish, and they need to be durable enough to last through tons of rounds (rain or shine).

It’s easy to get lazy in the headcover department and just use the stock options that came with your clubs, but if you’re really trying to liven up your golf bag, it’s also the easiest place to make a quick change without breaking the bank. Bags can be a pricer upgrade, but when you find one you love that meets the above criteria, you’re not going to regret that purchase either.

We’re always fans of golf bags and headcovers that rep home course logos, or maybe your favorite golf destination. But, if we exclude those, below are some of our favorite brands to shop for fun, stylish and functional bags and headcovers.

Our picks for the coolest bags and headcovers

Seamus Golf Sofa King Pure Collection

Seamus Golf’s latest Sofa King Pure Collection is made with an eye-catching custom Hawaiian pattern and printed with the words “Sofa King Pure.” We love a unique conversation starter, and Seamus delivers.

Jones Sports Co. Golf Bags

Jones Sports Co. is a great resource for stand and carry bags alike. They’re classic and will never go out of style, have pockets in all the right places and feature minimal branding. We especially love the Jones Original Lancer in Grey, the Jones Utility Rover in Black, and the Jones Utility Rover in Grey Herringbone (coming soon).

Seamus Headcovers

Ashley, Christian and I all have Seamus headcovers on our bags. Scroll through their site and you’re bound to find a color or pattern that matches your style for any of your clubs. They’re a go-to resource for durable headcovers with personality.

Stitch SL1 Bag

The Stitch SL1 is clean and modern. It’s made from a proprietary fabric that looks like leather, but is lighter, more durable and water resistant. Even with the cushioned straps and stand, the bag weighs only 3.5 pounds.

Mackenzie Original Walker

Mackenzie custom bags are truly timeless. They’re fully customizable — color, material, embroidery, patch, you name it. Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re built to last and made by hand in the U.S.
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