How your morning latte can benefit your golf game, according to a nutrition expert

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Could a latte be your new mid-round secret weapon?

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While some golfers eschew morning java in an attempt to avoid caffeine jitters, coffee, for many of us, is an essential part of the sunrise routine. But in addition to helping you wake up in the morning, did you know that your daily fix can benefit your golf game too?

According to Jaclyn London, the Head of Nutrition & Wellness at WW (formerly Weight Watchers), incorporating a latte into your golf snack regimen is a great way to avoid a mid-round performance slump because the drink is an excellent source of protein, which you need for long-lasting energy.

These 4 items make perfect mid-round snacks, according to a nutrition expert
By: Jessica Marksbury

London recently shared a list of her top 4 high-energy, low-calorie snacks for the golf course, and recommended pairing protein and fiber whenever possible. “Consuming snacks that are combos of protein and fiber (e.g. Greek yogurt with a piece of fruit; peanut butter with a banana) can help to promote satiety,” London said via email, “Therefore giving you more sustained energy throughout the day — without making you feel too full or leaving you still peckish.”

And as it turns out, pairing a dairy-based drink like a latte with a piece of fruit ticks both of those boxes.

“While liquid calories can be less satisfying, it’s worth calling out that a 16-ounce latte can also have the benefit of providing up to 13 grams of protein per serving and will contribute to your daily overall hydration goals,” London said. “Pack a latte and a piece of fruit to go if you’re looking for a quick (2:1 carbs to protein ratio!) recovery snack that’s also portable and helpful in meeting your daily hydration goals.”

Hey, if Phil Mickelson can turn drinking coffee into a performance benefit, we can too!

Jaclyn London, MS, RD, CDN, is the Head of Nutrition & Wellness at WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

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