Here’s when you can start posting scores for your handicap in 2024

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Here's when the active seasons begin for golf associations in the U.S., which is when you can start posting scores for your Handicap Index.

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Thousands of northern-based golfers have enjoyed bonus tee times so far in 2024, taking advantage of unseasonably warm conditions to take snow-free swings on freshly-opened golf courses.

One Minnesota course I played last week, for example, is on pace for 5,000 rounds this year before it even hits its opening date from a year ago. I played well that day, but sadly can’t enter that score for my Handicap Index. Why? Because, like many states, the active handicap season isn’t open yet. But that’s soon changing. And for some states, it already has.

Eighteen U.S. states have year-round active handicap seasons, because in places like Arizona and California and Florida, you don’t necessarily have to worry about disruptive weather ruining your Saturday golf game. But dozens of other states go by seasonal schedules — specific windows in which you are allowed to enter scores for your handicap. Those seasons are either active or inactive. This is because drastic seasonal weather changes can impact course conditions, and your handicap is supposed to be a proper reflection of your overall game. (However, if you live in a location where the season is inactive but travel and play a course where the season is active, that score can and should be posted.)

For the seasonal states, there are three different dates in which they become active: March 15, April 1 and April 15. For those in states of the former, congrats! You can start entering scores (if you haven’t already). The other two active dates will be here in a hurry too.

There’s only one change from last year when it comes to the seasonal states, and that’s for those registered in the Chicago District Golf Association. Their window opened last week (March 15) and closes on Nov. 14. Previously their active window was April 1 to Oct. 31.

So, when can you get rolling in your state? Check out the list below. And if you don’t have a handicap yet, register for your own Handicap Index here.

*States not listed below have year-round active seasons

State Golf Association 2024 Seasonal Handicap Active Schedule

Alaska Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Colorado Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 14
Connecticut State Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Delaware State Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Idaho Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 14
Chicago District Golf Association (Illinois) — March 15-Nov. 14
Indiana Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 14
Iowa Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Central Links Golf (Kanas) — March 1-Dec. 31
Kentucky Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 30
Maine State Golf Association — April 15-Oct. 31
Maryland State Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 30
Massachusetts Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Golf Association of Michigan — April 1-Oct. 31
Minnesota Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association (Missouri) — March 1-Nov. 14
Missouri Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 14
Montana State Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Nebraska Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 14
New Hampshire Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
New Jersey State Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Metropolitan Golf Association (N.Y.) — April 1-Nov. 14
New York State Golf Association — April 15-Oct. 31
Rochester District Golf Association — April 15-Oct. 31
Northern Nevada Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 30
North Dakota Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 15
Greater Cincinnati Golf Association (Ohio) – March 15-Nov. 14
Miami Valley Golf Association (Ohio) – March 15-Nov. 30
Northern Ohio Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Ohio Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 30
Oregon Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 30
Golf Association of Philadelphia — April 1-Nov. 14
Western Pennsylvania Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Rhode Island Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
South Dakota Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Utah Golf Association (Northern Section) — March 15-Nov. 14
Vermont Golf Association — April 15-Oct. 31
Washington State Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 14
West Virginia Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 30
Wisconsin State Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Wyoming Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31

Register for your own USGA handicap here.

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