The members’ rules at Los Angeles Country Club are strict and plentiful

LACC clubhouse

The clubhouse at Los Angeles Country Club.

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Victor Mature was a respected leading man in post-War Hollywood, a star of stage and screen and prime-time television. He was also a golf junky, with the cachet and connections to open doors at any club — except the one he coveted the most.

At the height of his fame, Mature let it be known that he longed to join Los Angeles Country Club.

LACC let it be known that it would not have him as a member. The low-key club did not admit actors (it still doesn’t today).

“I’m no actor,” Mature famously quipped. “And I’ve got 65 films to prove it.”

Funny line, but it was no use. Rules are rules, and this week’s U.S. Open host has a lot of them, all of which are laid out in a lengthy members’ handbook.

What are those codes of conduct?

Many begin with the word no.

No changing shoes in the parking lot.

No phone calls from anywhere on property, except from inside a parked car or an enclosed booth in the locker room.

No snapping photos of the course. And no posting videos or still shots of the property on social media.

Headphones and earbuds? Nope. Not permitted.

No cash, either. It is not used at the club, aside for paying caddies. Otherwise, no tipping.

Granted, prohibitions of this kind are not unheard of at exclusive private clubs. But few clubs top LACC in its rigid expectations around attire.

Long pants are required, regardless of the weather. And those pants must be “tailored.” (Note to Patrick Rodgers: lose the joggers). 

Other verboten items include clogs, flip-flops, warm-up suits, leggings, gym attire, t-shirts and jerseys. Please, no clothing containing slogans. And — do we really need to say it? — keep your shirt tucked in.

Caps and visors are okay, but only with the bill facing forward. And they’re never to be worn inside the clubhouse or on adjacent patios, the exception being the uncovered patio next to the bar.

Los Angeles Country Club membership price: The U.S. Open venue’s cost to join
By: Josh Berhow

Golf attire is acceptable in the locker room and grill room. But after 6 p.m., men must wear a jacket in all other areas of the clubhouse unless otherwise specified for an event. That goes for boys, too, ages 7 and up!

As for girls and women, shirts and blouses must be worn inside slacks or skirts, unless designed to be worn on the outside. Slacks must be tailored and of ankle-length or longer. Skirts must break no higher than four-inches above the knee. 

On a more relaxed note, brimmed hats (as opposed to golf caps) may be worn inside the clubhouse. The only catch is that the must “coordinate” with the rest of the outfit.

Lest there be any confusion among non-members, the club’s dress codes and rules around technology are detailed on the LACC website, under a link labeled “Guest Information,” which also includes rules for pickleball and tennis. 

Not that there’s much room for stepping out of line. Another LACC requirement is that guests must be accompanied by their hosts at all times while on property.

Got it? Good. It’s a terrific course. Now, go have fun.

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