Rob Gronkowski Q&A: The NFL star is hustling his way to a better game

Rob Gronkowski portrait

Rob Gronkowski is eager to improve his on-course performance.

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Four-time Super Bowl-winning tight end Rob Gronkowski is a lock for the Hall of Fame. His journey to a decent golf game? That’ll take a little more hustle.


GOLF: Hey Gronk, you’re a thoughtful guy. Now that you’ve started playing golf, what do you think is the main difference between golf and football?

RG: Football is brawn and timing — that’s pretty much it. Golf takes more mental preparation, more practice. Every little [body] movement in golf can mean something. You can’t say that about football.

G: You played college football in sun-soaked Arizona and now live in golf-friendly Tampa Bay. Do you wish you’d picked up the game sooner?

RG: No, my man. Life is all about choices. I think I made the right choice of football over golf. It worked out pretty good for me. But I want to get better at golf. I’m working to get better. I can’t just show up and embarrass myself. I have to practice and play, then maybe some of these [celebrity golfers] will want to play with me.

G: As a sport, does golf need to loosen up?

RG: I think so. Like, today at Royal Blue in the Caribbean, I pulled up in my cart, 50 Cent music was blasting on the tee box, the vibes were flowing and I smashed my best drive — 300 yards. We need more of that.

G: Okay, so you’ve practiced and prepared. How many shots does your buddy Tom Brady have to give you to make it a fair match?

RG: I think eight shots to make it fair — at least to start with.

G: In your years with the Patriots, did you see other teammates get into golf?

RG: Not really. I know Tom played a lot. Julian [Edelman] didn’t. I don’t think Danny [Amendola] did. You know who could have been a really good golfer? Randy Moss. I never saw him play, but he looked like he had a great body for golf.

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G: Now that you’re into the game, is there a course on your bucket list?

RG: I really want to go to Pebble Beach.

G: Why do you think golf is so addictive?

RG: It’s competition, it’s trash-talking with your buddies and it’s drinking and having a good time! I’ve just got to practice and get better, then I can join those other guys. [Charles] Barkley did it, and, at times, I’ve seen his golf clubs go farther than his golf ball. I know I can do it. Tampa Bay is a great place to play, and I’m going to get better.

G: Do you have a teacher you’re working with on your game?

RG: I don’t. Do you think I need one?!

G: What’s it like to be almost as well known for your USAA television commercials as you are for your football career?

RG: Hey, I might need USAA if I crash my cart on the course. It could come in real handy.

G: That sounds pretty much like a USAA commercial.

RG: See? You’ve always got to be selling.

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