President Trump’s golf habit inspires New Yorker, Economist covers

March 31, 2017

President Trump’s affinity for golf has been well documented in his first 10 weeks in office. According to multiple reports, the Prez has pegged it 13 times since he was sworn in.

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s one outing roughly every five-and-a-half days, a statistic that hasn’t been lost on a couple of the world’s most influential news magazines.

Check out the April 1 cover of The Economist:

And here’s a sneak preview of next week’s New Yorker cover, featuring an illustration by Barry Blitt:

“I see that the word ‘duffer’ is defined as ‘a person inexperienced at something, especially at playing golf,” Blitt said in a post on The New Yorker site. “That’s the word that comes to mind as I watch President Trump ploughing one drive after another through the glass windows of American politics.”

The headline for the cover story is “Broken Windows.”