Derek Jeter: President Obama Giving Me 30 Strokes Is ‘Very Untrue’

March 23, 2016
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Derek Jeter and President Obama need another 18 holes to squash their golf beef.

The two played together back in 2014, during which Obama apparently spotted Jeter 30 strokes and the Yankees former shortstop took his money. That’s an old story, but it was revived Tuesday down in Cuba, when Jeter jokingly told Obama his story was embellished.

Jeter and Obama were in Cuba at a unique baseball game between the national team and the Tampa Bay Rays. Before an interview with ESPN, Jeter and Obama crossed paths and the Jeter allegedly called out the Obama.

“It was all about him embellishing the golf game,” Jeter said. “I told him I was coming after him for a defamation of character suit. He told everyone he gave me 30 strokes on the golf course, which is very untrue.

“I took his money, so he wants it back.”

It sounds like they might need another tee time together. Check out Jeter’s entire interview below.