Smart spending: The best ways for a low-handicap golfer to invest in their game

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In golf, as in real estate, you always aspire to a better neighborhood. Movin’ on up — aka improving your handicap — requires many things, and one of them is money. The cliché that you can’t buy a better game? Nonsense. Spend wisely and you’ll be primed to ascend the leaderboard this season. So I created three sample plans — based on skill level — for a $5,000 budget to get you thinking clearly about how to use your golf cash more wisely on the fairways and in the pro shop. Here are the best ways for a low-handicap golfer to invest in their game.

The best ways for a low-handicap golfer to invest in their game

$200-an-hour instructor, 5-lesson package: $1,000

— Focus on scoring—wedges and putting
— Playing lessons to understand your lost shots

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By: GOLF Editors

$200-an-hour fitness trainer, 6 sessions: $1,200

— Assess and develop a personal program
— Shaving those last few strokes comes down to fine technical and physical margins

Champion’s Mind sports psychology trainer app: Free

Provides daily thoughts on how you can think better.

Decade Golf app: $100

Help develop strategies to attack courses; it’s less about Strokes Gained than reducing Strokes Lost.

Galvin Green GoreTex rain suit: $900

Top players relish tough conditions — and are ready for them.

Green Book by GolfLogix: $40; custom leather cover: $30

Used to be you’d have to play on Tour to get this level of detail and accuracy. Not any more, thanks to this product from GOLF’s sister company.

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GolfLogix Greens Books

This game-changing product is like having a professional caddie with you to read every green. Find the book for your course today.
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Iron and shaft fitting and purchase: $1,530

Time to tighten up dispersion.

Four dozen Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track balls: $200

A premium ball whose revolutionary alignment aid is a conversation starter too.

Total: $5,000

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