Love the smell of a freshly mown golf course? Now you can enjoy that scent at home

essence de lawn

The kit includes three items that conjure the olfactory experience of shorn grass.


Valentine’s Day approaches. Love is in the air.

But what’s that other scent we’re picking up?

It’s earthy and alluring, stirring something primal on the border between passion and obsession.

A new fragrance from Chanel?

A cologne by Versace?

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By: Josh Sens

Neither, nor.

It’s Essence de Lawn, which we’re pretty sure is French for Essence of Lawn. It’s a limited-edition kit of self-care products infused with the smell of fresh-cut grass.

The company behind it is Cub Cadet, which is owned by Stanley Black & Decker and specializes in high-performance outdoor power equipment.

See the connection? The target market is yard-care fanatics dealing with the winter doldrums, left bereft by their dormant lawns. The kit is also perfect for golfers in colder climes who yearn for the sweet, sweet scent of fairways and greens.

A common cure for heartache is to fake-it-until-you-make it.

The target market for Essence de Lawn is yard-care fanatics dealing with the winter doldrums. courtesy

In that spirit, Essence de Lawn is meant to be a soothing stand-in for the real thing. The kit includes three items that conjure the olfactory experience of shorn grass: a therapeutic candle; a reed diffuser (plop the reeds in a chemical solution and let them do their thing); and an aromatic mist, fit for spraying in any room, or on your clothes or bedding.

How well do they work?

Siana Calanni, brand manager for Cub Cadet, said the company makes no claims about the benefits of Essence de Lawn.

But, she added, “If it provides a good laugh and helps lawn lovers while their grass is dormant, that’s good enough for us.”

There is something to be said for the power of suggestion. When temperatures drop, some people dream of a trip to Bermuda. Others are content to pretend they’re cutting it.

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