Women’s golf tips: How your form can affect your ball flight

Anne van Dam

In this three-part series, Baha Mar Head Golf Professional Georgette Rolle will take on three swing-related topics: form, fashion and function. “Form” refers to the setup and positions of the golf swing. “Fashion” refers to the style of the swing and “function” refers to how to play to your strengths and think your way around the course. In this first piece, Rolle will focus on form. Check back next week for her guidance on swing “fashion.”

Over the last several years, we have seen the increased importance of biomechanics and figuring out what is the best form for the most efficient function of a player. Form is especially important for a golfer looking to take his or her game to a competitive level. Proper form entails specific focus on the fundamentals: grip, stance, posture and setup. This also includes understanding the club’s path as it travels through the impact zone to the desired finish.

A trusted instructor is a great help when it comes to ensuring your fundamentals are sound. Remember, there is no one perfect form. There is however, a form that’s perfect for you, and a knowledgable instructor can help you identify it.

Georgette Rolle

So, how can you assess whether your form is good or perhaps needs some work? Remember that in addition to looking at the overall swing, you should not forget that, ultimately, the club’s face and path coming into the ball will determine the result of the shot.

Are you suffering from shanks or an unplayable ball flight? It’s likely that your swing path is coming from the inside (red zone, see photo above) as you make impact with the ball. Work on mastering your swing path from either straight down the target line (green zone), or from the outside (also a green zone) to produce more playable ball flights. As you become a better golfer, you can add the inside/out path back to your repertoire. 

When assessing your form, it’s important to check out the positioning of your hands, arms and body to make sure they are working in harmony together together, but do not forget that the club face and path will be what ultimately most impacts your shot.

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