Try this at-home drill to fix your trail arm and stop your over-the-top move

Your trail arm plays a hugely important role in the golf swing, and if you struggle with a slice courtesy of an over-the-top move, it’s probably your trailing arm that’s the culprit.

Enter Shaun Webb, a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and one of the brains behind Athletic Motion Golf, who has a simple drill you can do from home. Here’s how to do it.

1. Put your lead fist on your trail hip

First, Webb says to clasp your hand like a fist and place it on your trail hip, so it crosses your body. He’ll explain why in a second.

2. Make a backswing

Then, keeping your fist on your trail hip, make a full backswing turn.

3. Elbow on trail hip

As you come through, and specifically at impact, you want your trail elbow (your right elbow for right-handed golfers), to re-connect with your lead fist, which should still be on your trail hip. It’ll give your arm a tucked look, which keeps your swing path in a neutral spot.

4. Don’t do this

If you don’t re-connect your trail elbow to your trail hip, you’ll get this look. The club will come way over the top, and you’ll struggle with all sorts of issues.

Watch the full video here:

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