Use this popular training aid to improve your swing plane

When talking about some of the best drivers if the golf ball of all time, you’d be remiss to leave out Greg Norman. The Shark was able to generate powerful and accurate shots off the tee by combining his athleticism with an excellent swing plane, which is something you can work on even in your own home.

In the fourth part of this Home Practice series, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Martin Chuck breaks down the swing plane and shows us the training aid he’s using to promote an on-plane swing. Watch the video above or read below for more.

“A lot of you have these short, little backswings,” Chuck says. “We want to feel like we can keep the circle of our swing, the plane of our swing, as big as we possibly can — high and wide.” Review: The Tour Striker Smart Ball
By: Luke Kerr-Dineen

To help promote that feel, Chuck uses a Tour Striker PlaneMate. This nifty device straps around your waist and attaches to your club to give you the feel of a proper takeaway and transition.

“It’s a resistance training device that’s helping create the tension away from us so we have a maximum radius so you can have more of a Greg Norman backswing,” Chuck says.

As you take the club back, the device helps you create a nice, wide arc to the top of the swing. From this position, it is easier to shallow the club out and come into the ball from the proper angle, generating a powerful and accurate swing.

“That is a great swing circle to deliver into a golf ball,” Chuck says.

To by the Tour Striker Plane Mate along with all the other Tour Striker products, follow the link here.

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