This is the first thing Tiger Woods does when he practices putting

tiger woods warms up

Having a solid warm-up routine is key if you want to get your round off to a good start. And it’s equally important to start your warm-up with a reliable sequence, too. Whether that be dialing in your wedges on the range, hitting some short chip shots in the short-game area or rolling putts at the practice green, it’s vital that you get your day off on the right foot.

When Tiger Woods practices his putting, it usually starts the same way. He heads to the green, and begins stroking one-handed putts, like Golf Digest reported here. Like most things Tiger does, these one-handed putts serve a distinct and specific purpose that gets him ready to play his best golf.

In stroking putts with one hand, Tiger is dialing in his feel on the greens. The one-handed putts allow him to feel the weight of the putterhead and also feel the proper release as the blade swings through impact.

His one-handed putting session only takes a few minutes, at which point he usually moves onto one of his favorite drills: He places tees down on either side of his putter, creating a gate that he swings the putter through. This gives Tiger immediate feedback on if he is taking the putter through on his intended line.

It’s a simple routine for amateurs to take to the course as well. When you hold the putter in just your right hand, it will improve your putting grip, allow you to feel the putterhead, and give you more control over your stroke. Couple that with a gate to swing your putter through and you’ll get instant feedback on where your stroke is before you head to the first tee.

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