This slice-busting tweak for long, straight tee shots takes just 30-seconds

May 10, 2017

If you slice, it’s time to address your address position. Chances are, you probably lack the proper amount of right-side bend. At setup, you want a kink in the right side of your body at the belt line, with your right hip and shoulder positioned slightly below their left-side counterparts. Without this bend, you’re setting the club up to hit downward while cutting across the ball, a surefire recipe for a banana-shaped trajectory. This three-step drill will slice-proof your swing with a simple address tweak. It positions you to attack the ball on the upswing, for a better launch angle and serious yards.


Stand tall with the club held behind you, as shown. Gently press the shaft against the back of your thighs, just below your rear end. Check that the shaft is horizontal and that your knees, hips and chest all face toward the target.


Pressure the back of your left leg hard with the clubshaft in a twisting action. Allow your lower body to turn in response. Here’s a trick: As you rotate, gently bend your right knee. It should feel like you’re “sinking” into your right side.


Bring the club around and sole it behind the ball. Bam! Perfect setup, with your body square or slightly closed to the target line, and your right side a little lower than your left. Now let ‘er rip. From here, it’s almost impossible to slice.