Top 100 Teacher: How to set up to hit more consistent iron shots

Lowering your scorecard starts with one thing: consistency.

Instead of spraying your drives left or right, duffing easy chips from around the green, or pushing a par putt passed the cup to settle for a bogey, having a consistent golf game is going to make each round more enjoyable.

Of course, actually achieving consistency is the hard part. If there were an easy solution, we’d all be hunting our PGA Tour cards, right?

While there isn’t a special elixir that will instantly make you a better golfer, one thing that will help get you more consistency is understanding the proper golf stance. And to help demonstrate what that looks like is GOLF Top 100 Teacher Gia Liwski, who breaks things down in the video below.

How to find the proper iron stance

As Liwski demonstrates in the video, the most basic part of finding the proper iron stance is “aiming the club face at our intended target, and building our set up around the club face.”

Consider this your north star while setting up before each shot.

Now that you’ve got your guide, Liwski says to put your feet together in order to “work off a home base,” taking two equidistant steps for proper weight distribution. Drop your backside for a heavier base, allowing your arms to touch the top of each knee.

Standing over the ball, rotate both your arms and hips as practice, allowing yourself to “create a really good efficient golf movement.”

Following the steps above will not only help you find the proper iron stance but will allow you to have more consistent golf shots once you’re out on the course.

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