The key to this pro’s breakthrough? His dad’s story — about a fart

Henry Chung

Henry Chung last week on Golf Channel.

Tae Young is not wrong. His wisdom is also direct. And a bit explicit. 

But he is not wrong. 

His son, Henry Chung, was playing a Korn Ferry Tour Q-School second stage event last week, and these can be life-changers. The finish line is this week at the final stage, where the winner earns fully-exempt status for next year on the tour directly below the PGA Tour, finishers 2-10 receive 12 guaranteed starts, and finishers 11-40 receive eight. But the second stage was first, and it’s here where Chung remembered dad and his words.

Chung had opened play at Bear Creek Golf Club in Murietta, Ga., with rounds of two-under 70, 69 and 67, but doubled the 2nd on the final day, bogeyed 7, 8, 13 and 16 and was looking to need a birdie. On 18, he hit to 5 feet, according to the Fire Pit Collective’s Ryan French. And after making the putt and moving on by a stroke, Chung did an appearance on Golf Channel

Where he told a story. 

About birdies. 

And farts.  

And poop. 

“My dad always told me to never quit,” Chung began on Golf Channel, the video of which was also shared by the Korn Ferry Tour.  

“And, you know, he said something in Korean; he said this quote to me. In English, it directly translates to, if you keep farting, your poop is going to come out. So he just refers that to me when if you keep having birdie looks, one of them’s going to drop. So I kept giving myself good looks at birdie and just kept fighting and kept doing everything that I thought I should be doing and it happened to show on the 72nd hole.”

Indeed. Tae Young is not wrong. 

Notably, oddly and comically, cheese cutting also made noise when pro Tony Finau recently retold the story of his tee shot on his 10th hole during the first round of the 2014 Open, the first event of his rookie year. He hit out of bounds. 

But there was more. 

Tony Finau broke wind on the tee. Then came the real embarrassment
By: Jack Hirsh

“There’s a nice little crowd around and I tee my ball up and they announce my name,” Finau told pro Andrew “Beef” Johnston and co-host John Robins on the Beef Golf Club podcast. “And as soon as I take the club back … I ripped one of the loudest farts you’ve ever heard.”

At this point, Finau and the hosts burst into laughter. 

“I just decided that I was going to do it,” Finau continued. “I knew it was coming, but I take it back, and almost simultaneously, as the club is kind of rising back, you hear this, like, really loud [makes fart noise]. And I end up still hitting the shot.”

Then he had to hit again. 

“People are already laughing before I even hit the shot because it was literally, like, as I was taking the club back,” Finau said. “So I had to re-tee and, again, I’m a rookie. First of all, if you hit it out of bounds on the first hole and you have to re-tee, that’s so embarrassing.

“But having farted super loud and having to re-tee was about as embarrassing a moment I think as I’ve ever had on a golf course.”

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