Want to stripe it like Will Zalatoris? Follow these 4 steps

will zalatoris swings

My new favorite player! A combination of Clint Eastwood, Cool Hand Luke and a young Johnny Miller, Will Zalatoris swings without fear and with tons of confidence.

He’s a product of the Korn Ferry Tour, confirming that the two-tier tour system works. He’s an instant fan favorite with a no-nonsense approach and a pure love for the game. I was able to watch him recently during the RBC Heritage at Harbour Town Golf Links on Hilton Head — his demeanor is as cool as his outfits. 

Could Zalatoris be the nextgen Jordan Spieth? We will see. He has a personalized swing that requires that wiry, fat-free frame to work at breakneck speed. 

Here are four things you can pick up from one of the game’s most exciting players. 

1. Do a backshift

I use the Swing Catalyst pressure plate system when I teach. The data shows that most great players, Zalatoris included, shift pressure backward in a “Z” trace through impact with a driver. The result: an upward angle of attack that helps create optimal launch.

2. Manage your slide

Zalatoris’ pelvic movement is a true idiosyncrasy. He tends to slide and thrust a little more than most in the transition. That’s okay with a driver, because it helps raise the angle of attack. It’s not okay with an iron.

3. Hit the center

The ball speed players create now is amazing. Will’s driver clubhead speed is 120-plus mph with a ball speed at about 170 mph. That’s Smash Factor. It’s not often talked about (compared to swing speed), but contact quality is key. You don’t get max ball speed without catching the sweet spot.

4. Get elevated

Will’s “jump” at impact is another key part to increasing his angle of attack and creating vertical force from the ground up. Instructors used to think it was bad to lift your feet off the ground at impact, but through technology, we now understand that it’s vital to boost speed with a driver. Copy Will here and you’re sure to drum up some extra yards.

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