Can’t stop slicing? It’s time to use a more natural grip. Here’s how

Many amateurs struggle with slicing the golf ball. But GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trent Wearner suggests using a natural grip to fix the problem

Stop slicing your shots by making a simple (and natural) grip change.

Image via Trent Wearner

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Can’t stop slicing the golf ball? If you’re an amateur golfer, this is probably an issue that continues to haunt your game round after round.

Sure, it has to do with your clubface angle at impact, but, before just assuming it always has something to do with your swing path, have you reconsidered how you grip the golf club?

There’s a good reason why it’s challenging for the average golfer to grip the club in a reasonable manner — so if you slice the ball, here’s where you need to start to rethink things.

Stop slicing by reworking your grip

Most people put their hands on the club’s grip in a way that creates an open clubface at impact. When this happens, they often establish their grip while the shaft and body are in the address position, instead of where the shaft and their body need to get at impact. This is why many players have more consistency slicing than they do hitting it straight.

When they put their lead hand on the handle (left hand for right-handed golfers) in the address position, evenly distribute their weight on both feet, and keep the club shaft relatively vertical, the lead hand rotates to what is called a weak grip position — which causes the open clubface.

Instead, you need to move your body and golf shaft to where they should be at impact, and then grip it.

So how do you do this?

Position your lower body so that your belt buckle has moved 4-5 inches towards the target, keeping your hips open between 30-40 degrees. Next, make the lead leg vertical (with about 80% of your weight pressure onto the lead foot).

Finally, push the handle (let’s say you’re using a 7-iron) about 5-10 degrees forward, which will help deloft the club.

Now, move your trail hand towards the handle, again letting it hang relaxed from its shoulder. Grasp the handle while sustaining its native position. This is your natural grip, and likely one that will help you stop slicing the golf ball.

Of course, you then have to move both your weight and the handle back to a setup position before swinging, but do it without changing your grip. You’ll now be showing off the logo of your glove, which is precisely why the glove companies put the logo there in the first place — so use it to your advantage to make a better golf swing!

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