Stop being ‘a robot’ by practicing the same shots. Do this instead

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trent Wearner thinks too many players become a robot during golf practice. He offers up a different solution instead

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trent Wearner thinks too many players become a robot during golf practice. He offers up a different solution instead.

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How many of us just head to the range and use the same club over and over and over again? Even if that doesn’t sound exactly like you, just observe the players in other hitting bays and I’d bet you see this happening about 95% of the time — with many just hitting a driver until they realize their slice isn’t going to fix itself that day.

But does this “robotic” motion actually help improve your golf game? According to GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trent Wearner, the answer is clear: Nope!

In Wearner’s eyes, golf practice should be about intent — and one way Wearner thinks you can successfully achieve this is by practicing one new shot each day.

Focused golf practice: Rules for concentrating on each shot for better play
By: Nick Dimengo

Sure, it sounds a bit exhausting, but by hitting 8-foot putts all day Monday, then 4-foot putts all day Tuesday, you’re creating habits that you can then apply to the golf course.

Wearner thinks that golfers often get lured into trying to perfect something that just cannot be perfected, almost making them become a mechanical robot. They chase an unachievable “holy grail” of a golf swing that they think will cure all of their bad shots.

But he doesn’t see this as being realistic and believes a more logical approach is practicing for the crazy shots you might have on the course.

So take a look below to see why Wearner suggests rethinking your golf practice, which will help you better prepare for the uncertainties of your next round.

Change your golf practice by trying a new shot each day

Don’t get me wrong, most golfers need some coaching, but their reasoning for golf practice isn’t in line with what’s possible.

Yes, it’s OK to work toward improvement and/or practice to sustain your current technique, but here’s where you’re getting it all wrong: You’re not preparing yourself for actual golf!

Instead, you’re likely training yourself to be very mechanical, attempting to trick yourself into thinking you can become a robot who just smashes perfect shot after perfect shot. To put it into basketball terms, you’re practicing a set shot from the 3-point line with no one in your face defending you. Of course a clean look will have a great chance of going through the net.

If this resembles your type of golf practice, you’re not preparing for what the golf course throws at you, you’re not planning for the plethora of shots that this game requires, and you’re not mentally ready for the unforeseen challenges during a round.

So I suggest making a list of as many different shots as you can imagine and, during golf practice, make a vow to practice at least one of these every time you’re working on your game.

Here are a few examples to get you started — but there’s an endless supply of crazy golf shots that could keep you busy:

— A short-sided chip from the deep rough.
— Hitting from a steep sidehill lie that’s above your feet.
— Hit a shot as low as you can with each club in your bag.
— Try hitting a 4-5 foot putt that’s on a downhill and curving in one direction.
— Hit a chip shot with your hybrid.
— Try to curve the ball to either the left or right.

By mixing in this type of golf practice, not only will you have more fun working on your game, but you’ll find yourself becoming a more accomplished player as well.

So stop being a robot by going through the minutiae of regular practice and try spicing it up by better preparing for what lies ahead on the course.

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