Watch Tony Finau go from massive slice to baby fade in 1 swing

Tony Finau may be an athletic specimen, a millionaire and PGA Tour player and, best of all, the latest cover star of GOLF Magazine, but the story of his game is actually a very relatable one.

Finau, like me and probably you, battled a big slice for most of his golf career. Even when he began hitting the mini tours, he often resulted to playing a 40-yard left-to-right curveball off the tee. It was the only shot he had, he said.

Along with his coach, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Boyd Summerhays, the pair made some changes that transformed Finau into one of the best players in the world and a slicer no more.

What did he change?

A few things, many of it stemming from his setup. You can watch Finau explain for himself in the video above, but his weak right hand grip caused a high right forearm, which aligned his shoulders left and promoted an out-to-in path, as you can see when he demonstrated his old swing below.

Strengthening his trail-hand grip, aligning his shoulders and a few other changes allowed him to move his path in a more neutral direction, and hit less down on the ball.

Watch the full video below: