Watch this quick-thinking golfer hit a crazy lucky shot from water hazard

September 8, 2019

There are lots of golf shots you can teach. For that, look no further than GOLF.com’s Instruction content. But the beauty of golf is that there are some things you just can teach. Certain things require pure improvisation; you have to learn them for yourself by reacting and doing.

Or, if that fails, by relying simply on blind luck.

In that regard, look no further than the golfer below.

Standing inside the boundaries of a water hazard and facing a severe upslope, the golfer leans into the slope and hits down at the ball — a sure-fire recipe for popping the ball straight up into the air. And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. His ball popped straight up, flies over his head, and dives straight for the water behind up.

But this quick-thinking golfer reacts marvelously. He turns around, and gives it a sort of reverse-swipe back up at the ball. The ball flies back over his head once again and onto the green.

Technically speaking, our golfer here would incur a two-stroke penalty for hitting a ball in motion. But, given the swashbuckling nature of this shot, I’m prepared to give him a pass on this one.

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Pure luck or pure skill? (Via @tommy_leighb)

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