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Learn pro-level distance control on short-game shots with these master tips

While many amateurs only think about distance control as it applies to putting, to really shave strokes off the scorecard, you’ll need to hone in this part of your game from everywhere on the golf course.

Having a grasp of how you hit each one of your clubs (and at what percentage of swing effort), will allow you to be much more precise with each shot.

For instance, if you know you carry your 9-iron 125 yards, how can you effectively use it for a shot that’s 118 yards? If you can’t answer that question for your own game, your distance control is off.

Use the stack and tilt method to hit perfect wedge shots from 50-125 yards
By: Nick Dimengo

But to help improve this area of your game, Parker McLachlin, aka the Short Game Chef, is here to provide some tips.

In the video above, McLachlin walks through the steps towards pro-level distance control when approaching the green. So now you’ll have the secrets to hitting pure shots with ultimate ball-striking ability. Take a look below at what the chef cooks up!

How to hone in your short-game distance control

McLachlin opens the video by explaining how important it is to maintain shot control when using a three-quarter backswing.

“If I’m going from 50 yards, I’m going to be using my 60-degree wedge,” McLachlin says. “My backswing is going to feel somewhere in this area right here [about 75 percent], and then I’m going to feel like I have a normal type of rotation on the way through. Not too fast, not too slow.”

Even if the shot is a little bit farther back — say 80 yards — McLachlin says changing clubs to a 56-degree wedge would lead to a three-quarter motion. The same goes for hitting the shot from 90 yards.

“I’m going to still feel like I’m going to go 75 percent on my backswing, but I’m going to feel more speed on the way through.”

Master wedge shots by reimagining your setup, says short-game star
By: Nick Dimengo

This is where the Chef says it’s important to understand the different ways to regulate your distance control.

“If on a back pin I want less spin, I’m going to swing my body a little bit slower,” he says. “If I find myself in a situation where I want access to more spin because the pin’s in the front, I’m going to take a little bit less club; so more loft.

“And I’m going to swing a little bit faster with my arms and my body on the way through. That’s going to give me access to more spin.”

With the proper understanding of club choice, backswing length, and rotation through impact, you can now master distance control with any club in your bag. So go ahead and stick your shots close to show off that immaculate short-game touch!

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