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This chipping drill will help you get up-and-down from anywhere

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Use this drill to make chipping one of the strongest parts of your game.

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It’s normal to envy players who seemingly are able to get up-and-down from anywhere around the greens. Well, this tip will help you become one of them. 

2 reasons you ‘chili-dip’ chip shots (and how to fix them)
By: Zephyr Melton

To be a strong, consistent chipper, you have to know how to control the bottom of your swing arc. I see so many rec players who, when they take the club back, stand up tall at the top of their backswing. There’s only one way to get to impact from there and that’s to drop back down. 

When that happens, it’s inevitable that you’ll hit too far behind the ball. Chunk City. Then you’ll start making arm adjustments and end up hitting it thin. 

Try this drill: Hit some chips around the green standing on just your front foot. When you take the club away from here, balance dictates you lower your weight going back and stand up through impact. This “elevator” motion brings your swing arc right where it wants to be: chipping it clean. 

Dom DiJulia is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher who runs DiJulia Golf at Jericho National GC in New Hope, Pa.


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