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This clever 2-ball pitching drill will help dial in crispy wedge shots

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brech Spradley says this 2-ball pitching drill can help any player use the bounce of the club for improved wedge shots

Try this easy pitching drill and start seeing better wedge shots.


After playing a round the other day, I came to two very helpful realizations.

First, I need to get better with my putter. It’s been an ongoing issue for me this summer, but the amount of putts I took this particular round resembles the age many human beings experience a midlife crisis; just for perspective.

Second, my wedge game could use some serious work. Sure, I’ve had first-class instruction from some of the best short game teachers in the world over the past few months, but I’m still lacking the consistency I need to shave strokes off my scorecard — and it’s all from within about 125 yards, which makes it so much more frustrating.

It’s a tired cliche saying “drive for show and putt for dough,” but if you’re really looking to go lower, it starts with your short game. Any mid-handicapper like myself understands that, and mastering that skill will be the difference between high-80s and low-80s (or under).

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By: Nick Dimengo

But before you grab your flat stick, you must understand how to put yourself close for chances at birdie or par — which is where your wedges come into play.

Instead of leaving yourself a long par putt of 12-feet or longer, wouldn’t it feel nice to be within a few feet instead? Surely.

To help you practice, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brech Spradley has a fun 2-ball pitching drill that may make the difference in your game.

In the video below, Spradley spills details on the pitching drill, and goes into the importance of using the bounce of the club to hit crispy wedge shots. Take a look at what he has to say.

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Try this 2-ball pitching drill for improved wedge play

In the video, Spradley says that this 2-ball pitching drill will allow players to get a better feel around the green, helping golfers land shots softer near their target by using the bounce of the wedge.

“How are we going to use this bounce and not get too diggy when we need to hit the soft finesse shots? In this case, we’re not going to hit one ball, we’re going to hit two balls to show you,” says Spradley.

Next, Spradley goes into the simple steps to practice this drill.

“I’m going to put the ball down that I want to hit, and then I’m going to put [another] one more forward in my stance.

“The goal is to get the golf club coming along the ground like we’re landing a plane smoothly, and keep the flat spot [of the club] longer along the ground. So many people who struggle with pitching get too choppy and steep, and get too much of the leading edge [of the club].”

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By: Nick Dimengo

As Spradley sets up for the shot, he focuses on ball position, placing each one in the proper spot before executing the clever pitching drill.

“We’re going to set up, with the ball in the back just slightly forward of center, and then the other one is up near my front foot,” he says. “The goal is to keep a longer flat spot, and feel the bounce skimming the grass.”

Finally, Spradley executes the drill to perfection, flying both balls in the air thanks to his turf interaction. By doing this, he’s able to utilize the bounce of the club.

“I was able to actually pitch both balls with nice finesse,” Spradley adds. “So give that [pitching drill] a go, working on keeping the club lower to the ground longer, and getting that bounce along the grass. By hitting two balls, I know it’ll help you.”

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