How this avid golfer regained confidence in his golf swing

john sodaro takes a swing

John Sodaro put his game under a microscope at a Texas-based GOLFTEC.

At, we live and breathe golf, but it still leaves us perplexed. So we sent eight staffers on a game improvement journey, courtesy of GOLFTEC.

When looking at John Sodaro’s swing, you can tell he knows the game of golf. As a video producer for, that might be a given, but Sodaro’s swing looks — to steal a line from Gary Koch — better than most.

But even with a good-looking move, Sodaro couldn’t quite get the results he wanted. His swing may have looked like he knew what he was doing, but his scores said otherwise. Rounds in the 90s were far more likely than scores in the 80s.

So, Sodaro turned to our partners over at GOLFTEC to get his swing in shape. He booked his lessons at their location in The Woodlands, Texas, just outside of Houston, and got to work.

Sodaro’s coach, Ryan Thorph, first noticed that he was bending his arms at the end of his backswing. The cause? Lack of rotation. He also adjusted Sodaro’s setup and cleaned up his takeaway to “apply the downswing the proper way.”

After five lessons, and some proper practice at the driving range, Sodaro’s confidence in his swing was tons better than prior to his sessions. All that’s left is for him to translate that confidence into lower scores on the course.

Check out the video above to see Sodaro’s entire journey.

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