This training aid will straighten out your stroke and help you hole more putts

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Precision and repeatability are key on the greens, and this training aid from Short Game Gains helps instill both in your putting stroke.


Consistency and repeatability are keys if you want to shoot lower scores, and that’s especially true on the greens. As you get closer to the hole, your margin for error becomes slimmer and slimmer, which means to hole putts, you must be extremely precise.

One of the biggest keys for a precise stroke is a neutral putterface at impact. In order to get the ball started on your intended line, you need the face to be square at impact — and that’s easier said than done.

The easiest way to get your face back to neutral at impact is through your path, and to help with that, Short Game Gains has a product they call the Path Perfectors.

“These are designed to neutralize your path,” says Short Game Gains co-founder Frederik Linblom. “We’re trying to make it as close to neutral as possible.”

The product is a simple one and does not require a rocket scientist to use correctly. The Path Perfectors effectively serve as a gate for your putter, and the goal is for you to swing your putterhead through them every time.

As you use the Path Perfectors more and start to understand your tendencies, you can tweak the Path Perfectors to adjust your stroke and get it more neutral.

“You can also stagger them,” Lindblom says. “If you have a tendency to come in-to-out too much, you can place them this way, which is going to force you to have a path that’s more out-to-in. You practice the opposite to get back to neutral.”

Check out the video above for a full demonstration, or click the link below to buy the Path Perfectors in the GOLF.com Pro Shop.

Path Perfectors

As we (should) all know by now, one of the main keys to being a great putter is having an efficient, repeatable stroke. If you don’t have a good stroke path, you’re going to struggle to square the putter face at impact and start the ball on your intended line.   The Path Perfectors are designed to help you develop a consistent reliable stroke path and also center contact on the club face. This means a better stroke, better distance control, and in turn, more putts made.   What makes our Path Perfectors different? Glad you asked. Instead of the usual aluminum or steel that most putting gates are made of, ours are built out of a custom silicone blend. Steel and aluminum not only damage your putter, they’re also loud and a little bit irritating. No one else needs to know that your putting stroke sucks, and reminding them with loud clanking against some gates and chipped paint on your putter is probably not the best way to get an invite to the next scramble tournament.
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