Control your backstroke for better putting performance, says Top 100 Teacher

We’ve all heard the infamous phrase, “drive for show, putt for dough,” but, all too often, golfers still seem to overlook the short game. Sure, driving the ball 300-plus off the tee is impressive, but where good players become great is when they’re lethal with the putter.

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There are a bunch of elements that go into improving your putting results. From understanding how to properly read the green, to firming up your grip, to getting the right speed, conquering the short game will bring fewer headaches each round — and lower scores!

To help golfers get there faster, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel offers her tips to the perfect putting backstroke.

How to improve your putting backstroke

In the video above, Stenzel emphasizes the backstroke on longer putts. She reminds players that controlling the backstroke will impact the ball speed, and that going back a little bit higher will result in a better outcome.

“Get to the point where it [the putter] naturally elevates a bit. That’s correct. Because a bigger stroke will fall faster, and when it falls faster, it hits the ball at a higher speed — so the ball will roll farther.”

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By: Nick Piastowski

Stenzel not only demonstrates the proper putting backstroke, but, more impressively, she sinks the putt from about 40-feet out. That’s one way to prove the importance of a bigger backstroke, huh?

After burying her shot, Stenzel discusses some of the common putting issues she sees with her students. This includes many golfers trying to push the ball, meaning a player’s putting backstroke is too short.

“A golfer tends to take it [the putter] back too short, and then try to force it. What happens is, that varying speed going through… can make it really hard to get it there [to the hole]. Remember, on your longer putts, it’s really important to remember to let the putter swing back farther, and just let it fall on the ball.”

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