Can a notecard cure the putting yips? Try this simple drill

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick shows how folding a notecard can be an effective way to help cure putting yips

Don't let the putting yips wreck your scorecard any longer!


Over the past six months or so, I’ve occasionally shared updates on my progress as a golfer.

From my first-ever golf lesson to tips on how to hit difficult shots, I’d like to think that my average play resonates with most of you, allowing us to virtually improve together. It’s actually one of the best parts of my job, because I often get to share stories of your improvement as well!

While I’ve become a better ball-striker and overall player during this period, one thing that continues to wreck my scorecard is my inability to putt: It’s the difference between my finally breaking 80 and still playing bogey golf.

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By: Nick Dimengo

I’m not sure if it’s full-blown putting yips or not, but anytime I hold the flatstick, my mind races and I just overthink everything.

I wonder if I’m reading the line right, how I’m going to manage my distance control and what it’s going to take to make more one- and two-putts instead of dreaded three-putts.

We all know there’s no guaranteed cure to fixing the putting yips, but we’ll sure as hell try whatever we can to solve them!

Try this notecard drill as putting-yips cure

One drill that may help comes from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick, who shows how using a notecard may be a cure for putting yips. Check out the video below to see how.

As McCormick demonstrates, using a notecard (or a standard golf scorecard) is quick, easy and can prove to be effective. Best of all, it’s free, which is the best kind of golf training aid.

“We’re going to take a notecard and we’re going to fold it up like a taco,” McCormick says. “You’re going to hold it between your trail forearm and the grip.”

Once you get the feel for this, McCormick says it’s imperative to “make sure that the curvature in your ‘taco’ now stays the same the entire time.”

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By: Jessica Marksbury

With the appropriate grip pressure, this simple taco drill will allow your hands to relax, which will help avoid any unnecessary or twitchy movements that could impact the putterface.

“It’ll quiet what your hands are doing through the stroke, and the yips are gone forever,” McCormick says.

While there are many putting aids out there — many of which can be effective — give this drill a try next time you’re on the practice green. If you’re experiencing the putting yips like I am, it could be helpful in overcoming those added strokes that ruin an otherwise decent round.

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