This golf hack will quiet your hands and help you hole more putts

a golfer rolls a putt on a golf green

One of the keys to a solid and repeatable putting stroke is having quiet hands.

Stephen Denton

One of the main ingredients to a sound and repeatable putting stroke is keeping your hands as inactive as possible. Most great putters drive their strokes by “rocking” their arms and shoulders without activating their hands and wrists. I’m not saying that the wrists shouldn’t hinge as you putt, but rather, that they shouldn’t be the dominating motion. 

A fun way to practice keeping your hand action to a minimum is to grab a cup half full of water (or, if you’re feeling bold, a wine glass with wine in it!) and place it between your hands in lieu of your putter. With the cup, rehearse your putting stroke. The goal is to keep the water steady in the cup as you move back and through. If it sloshes too much, you’ll know your hands aren’t as stable as they should be. 

Stephen Denton

Another benefit of having stable wrists is that it’s much easier to roll the ball on your intended line. After a few tries, go back to your putter and imagine you’re still holding the cup. You’ll soon develop more wrist stability and fewer micro jitters in your stroke. 

Renee Trudeau O’Higgins is the director of instruction at Quail West in Naples, Fla.

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