Using the edge of a couch can improve your putting touch. Here’s how

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Josh Zander shares an easy at-home drill that helps stabilize your putting motion to dial in distance control

By stabilizing your lower body, you'll create the consistency you need for better putting contact.

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Here’s a fun little secret about me: I absolutely love at-home golf drills.

Considering I’m a new dad to a 3-month-old daughter, I’ve got limited time (if any!) to head to a practice facility to grind on my game. So simply putting in work from home is the most efficient way to keep my muscle memory strong — and maybe even strengthen it — prior to the upcoming golf season.

Whether it’s grabbing the putter and practicing my stroke on the carpet, or using a golf training aid to help maintain my clubspeed during the winter months, putting in a little time each day can go a long way in lowering my handicap.

It’s actually one of my favorite things about the game of golf, because golf practice can be done from nearly anywhere.

This at-home drill will help you eliminate the sway in your golf swing
By: Nick Dimengo

So anytime I see an at-home golf drill that can help me improve, I’m all for it!

Thankfully, with access to the best golf instructors in the world — the GOLF Top 100 Teachers — I get hit with plenty of fun, easy and effective ways to work on my game.

And for those looking to improve their short game, take a look at the below putting drill from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Josh Zander, who demonstrates how using something as simple as a door frame can help dial in your touch and distance control with the flat stick.

Try this at-home putting drill to dial in your distance control

In the video above, Zander explains a fun putting drill that can be used from nearly anywhere — so long as you have something straight to use as a guide up against your leg.

The purpose is to eliminate unnecessary movements while putting. When these occur, they can cause mishits with the flat stick and lead to inconsistent results — which Zander says is the opposite of what players want in the full swing.

“When it comes to the full swing, I always say that ‘motion is the potion that helps you fix things,'” Zander explains. “I’m looking to unrestrict your swing and get you using your body correctly so you can be the most powerful athlete that you can be.

“But when it comes to putting, we’re actually going to get into some restricting the motion, especially from the lower body.”

Next, Zander demonstrates how his at-home putting drill works, as he stands up against the post of a pop-up tent that’s behind him in the video.

“All you need is a post, or you can get creative and use the edge of your couch or a door frame,” he adds. “I’m going to use [the tent post] and put it right on my trail hip.

“Feel that contact and maintain that contact throughout the [putting] motion.”

After practicing a few putting strokes with your lower half against a post or a straight edge, Zander says to step away and replicate that same motion.

“My lower body gets very stable,” he says. “When you start hitting putts like that, you’ll make such solid contact. And solid contact is the key to distance control, which is essential to be the best putter you can be.”

So whether you’re stuck inside because of poor weather — or are just looking for a simple way to practice the feel with your flat stick — this putting drill is a good way to do it. Give it a try for yourself!

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