Here’s how to properly turn your hips to generate power through the swing

coach helps golfer on range

Turn — don't slide — your hips through the ball.

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Even casual golfers understand that at impact the hips need to be open to the target. (Picture your belt buckle pointing to the left of where you want the ball to land.) In reality, your hips shouldn’t just be open but continually rotating to the left until your swing comes to a stop.

Nate Gardner

It takes some trust and rhythm to get it right — kind of what you need when you’re asked to hit the dance floor at either a wedding or a reunion. Here’s a drill that’ll help both. Get into your address position without a club and make a mock backswing. Let your arms flow freely to the top while rotating your hips and shoulders (photo, above left). Now drive your left hip rotationally. Don’t just slide — try to get your hips square to the ball by the time your left arm reaches parallel to the ground (above right). Keep the width in your stance, too.

Simply sliding your hips negates needed rotation — you’ll never get where you need to be at impact. Stay “low” and focus on continually turning your hips. With a little practice, you’ll develop a silky smooth swing with loads of power — a pretty sweet move for the next time you hit the dance floor to boot.

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