Lethal with the Lob: Hitting par-saving flops is as easy as ‘weakening’ your right hand

February 11, 2018

With green speeds getting faster and faster (and not just on Tour), the need for a reliable flop shot has never been greater — unless you’re okay with watching your short-game shots scoot past the pin.

Here’s a can’t-miss method: As you take your grip, turn your right hand to the left until it’s practically on top of the handle — this is what instructors call a “weak” position. This allows you to keep the face wide open at impact, which, as you might imagine, is critical for hitting a flop.


1. Play the ball way forward in your stance — under your left eye or off your left heel.

2. Use a club with at least 56 degrees of loft.

3. Don’t be afraid to give it some speed.

4. Keep the face open the whole way!