Lee Trevino says this was his ‘secret’ to accuracy off the tee

Golfer Lee Trevino hits shot

Left hand AHEAD of the clubface on the downswing.

Lee Trevino has forgotten more about golf than the rest of us could ever dream to learn. And the best thing about “The Merry Mex” is that he’s never been shy in sharing it with others.

Back in the 1970s, Trevino was actually a playing editor at GOLF Magazine. Each month he’d offer instruction tips to readers, so earlier this week, I dived into the archive to see what gems I could find from the six-time major champ.

Trevino’s Left Hand Secret

One I found particularly interesting was a short article from Trevino in a 1974 issue. In it, Trevino explains the move that helps him be more accurate off the tee: Keeping your left hand ahead of the clubface on the downswing.

“If the other guys ever learn that it is the back of the left hand that controls the clubface, there would be a lot more winners, and I would have a lot more to worry about,” he says.

Trevino says that keeping your left hand ahead of the clubface is such an important tip for him that he considers it his “secret.” He recommends working on this move with an open stance, which will give your arms room to extend along the way as your body turns.

You can read the full article below:

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