Lead with the handle for crisper chips

August 27, 2017

You chunk and blade so many chips that you’re convinced it’s the toughest shot in golf. But if you keep your hands ahead of the clubhead through impact, this greenside play is easier than you think—and it’s an effective weapon.

To keep the clubhead from passing your hands, try the following exercise. Grip down on your wedge so that your hands are about halfway down the shaft. Now make several small, mid-air chip swings with the clubhead, making sure to keep the handle ahead of the clubhead and away from the left side of your body. It should feel as though your right shoulder is moving toward the target. This will help you maintain the fold in your right wrist and also stop you from “flipping” over the face—if you do, the club will bump into your left side. After a few successful swings, grip the club normally and hit some chips using this new, flip-free motion. You’ll start making crisper contact right away.