The simple key to executing chip shots when under pressure

larry mize hits a chip shot at Augusta National during the 1987 Masters

The key to executing chip shots under pressure is sticking to your routine.

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Q: Hey, Chef! I tend to fold under pressure on chips. How can I get it done when it counts? —Tim D., Daly City, Calif.

The culprit is usually your mind. So, how to get it in a good spot without having a few cocktails? To me, it’s all about routine. 

It’s your routine that gets you into a flow state. Picture, say, Steph Curry and Shaquille O’Neal shooting free throws.

Steph’s routine is on time, has movement and is free. Shaq’s routine length changed from game to game. It also looked forced, frozen and staccato. Obviously Steph’s technique is better, but — let’s get deep — he allows the right side of his brain to become activated and engaged while simultaneously tuning out the left side with a repeatable routine. 

When chipping, this eliminates any negative chatter coming from inside your head. 

Need a routine? Try this: 1) Pick your landing spot, 2) take three engaged rehearsal swings while visualizing your landing, 3) step in and 4) go!

This should help you find some consistency in those high-pressure situations.

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