The strange new swing drill that’s popping up everywhere on Instagram

If you’re golf swing nerd, like me, and desperate for advice any way you can get it, Instagram is a great place to find it. It’s littered with tips from so many of the best golf teachers on the planet, and if you’ve kept a keen eye, you may have noticed a few of them using the same (rather unusual) swing drill.

The drill involves taking a full swing as you usually would — but with a swimming arm band around your trail arm.


As you can see GOLF Top 100 Teacher Scott Hamilton explain above, and fellow Top 100 Jonathan Yarwood explain via video below, teachers use an inflated swimming arm band around their trail arm to help straighten it out on the backswing. It’s a useful drill because an overly-bent trail arm — “trail-arm collapse” — is one of the biggest swing-killers according to GEARS technology, which you can read more about right here.

Putting a swimming arm band around your trail arm prevents it from collapsing, which allows you to make a more powerful backswing turn.

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